Several Tal'darim motherships, commanded by First Ascendant Ji'nara, took part in an invasion of Vardona during the Defenders of Man Insurgency, intent on destroying the Defenders of Man, but attacking civilians in the process.[1] They were repelled by the Terran Dominion, lower ranking Defenders of Man, and the Covert Ops Crew of Nova Terra.[2]

Game UnitEdit

The Tal'darim motherships appear in the mission "Dark Skies" of Nova Covert Ops. Two will come at the player near the final attack waves, one at the end of the mission. These can be destroyed using a number of battlecruisers, Goliaths, or other anti-air means, but will deal considerable damage to a lane if allowed. These motherships are also susceptible to Nova's Snipe ability, though with her stealth suit, their detection range does place her at risk if not angled correctly. Additionally, their slow pace makes them easy to lead into a nuclear missile blast zone, which will deal considerable damage to the ship.[2]


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