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Here I'm going to explain the edits I made to 500 and this one.

Let me start by pointing out that it's extremely unlikely and unbelievable that there was a thousand years between Khas discovering the Khala and the unification of the tribes: all sources we have (SC manual, Maps of the Month, Metzen's interviews and TDTS) suggest that the Protoss were unified during Khas life and there was a significatn yet relatively short time between Khas discovering the Khala and the end of AoS.

Second, we have the info from Shadow Hunters. While the novel is unclear and uncertain about the date of Savassan's discovery, there is the one most significant and reliable statement: when Jake is relieving the memories of Vetraas (i.e. he's actually "being" Vetraas) at the beginning of Chapters 5 it is mentioned (the time being circa 1500) that Khas rediscovered the communal link "over two millennia ago", which means that the date of Khas' discovery is approx. 500 B.C.E.

Now, as for Kortanul's statement. I did a research on Shadow Hunters and actually didn't find anything to stronly suggest or imply that Kortanul means "the protoss we unified 1000 years ago" (so to speak). Thus, his statements actually don't contradict the date of Khala's discovery established in Chapter 5.

So, I moved the date of total protoss unification from 500 to this article (also stating that it occured "later" than the discovery of Khala), same thing for the sealing of Zhakul texts. XEL 12:03, December 30, 2010 (UTC)

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