Obsolete campaign quotes Edit

found by using the editor, might reveal some of Blizzards story-line intentions (?):


Raynor: We've got her on the run! These zerg CAN be defeated!

Overmind: It begins.

Kerrigan: The pain is unbearable!

Sarah: Kill her!

Overmind: Do not fear.

Kerrigan: I'll be back, you wretches!

Sarah: Please just kill me!

Overmind: Cycles upon cycles.

Kerrigan: You will pay for this!

Sarah: You've got to stop her!

Overmind: As was foreseen.

Sarah: Help me!

Raynor: Sarah?

Overmind: Foretold. --XFeather 21:39, February 26, 2012 (UTC)

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