Tyrador VIIIEdit

Concerning Tyrador VIII, it seems speculative to list it as a core world. Tyrador IX certainly is-it's stated to be so in the manual of the original game. With Tyrador VIII however, there's no such confirmation, and just because they're in the same star system doesn't mean they're both core worlds. Not only are core worlds designated by importance rather than location (e.g. Chau Sara being both fringe and core) but that would presumably include every other world in the Tyrador system (e.g. Tyrador III).

The evidence people seem to be drawing on is that Tyrador VIII was a "planned" world. However, "planned" doesn't mean important in the same sense as other strategic hubs. Planned means...well, planning. Urban planning, agrricultural planning, etc. Planned in the modern day refers to techniques that are more sophisticated in such areas, such as urban centre layouts to maximise traffic flow, of building design that utilizes natural light, etc. While 'advanced' it doesn't make the cities that employ such techniques any more important than those with older buildings.

So yeah. Unless there's something more difinitive, I don't see there being any evidence to support Tyrador VIII being a core world.--Hawki 21:50, May 12, 2012 (UTC)

I concur.

On an information correlation note, we should check that all articles for core/primary worlds actually say that they are core/primary worlds, and reinforced with appropriate references. - Meco (talk, contribs) 21:57, May 12, 2012 (UTC)

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