--SinfulMonument (talk) 03:20, November 16, 2015 (UTC)Hello all. Seeing as how the game is out and we can get some better images in here, I thought I'd take the liberty of trying to change the current article picture to something better than a Beta tileset. However, I'm not all that familiar with Wikia's image editors, so if someone could change the image in the article to the image in the following link that displays Cybros' exterior, that'd be pretty awesome.


Here are additional images that I have uploaded that could maybe be put into a gallery or used elsewhere in the article by someone more skilled in that regard than I.

Screenshot2015-11-15_21_09_21.jpg The loading screen for the level "Purification".

Screenshot2015-11-15_21_24_35.jpg Cybros activating at the end of "Purification".

Screenshot2015-11-15_21_24_38.jpg Detail of Cybros's core.

Screenshot2015-11-15_21_24_42.jpg Cybros fully activated.

Screenshot2015-11-15_21_24_45.jpg Cybros preparing to fire.

Screenshot2015-11-15_21_25_05.jpg Cybros achieves purification.

Screenshot2015-11-15_21_25_49.jpg Cybros as seen from the Spear of Adun.

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