Mission DecalsEdit

I went through the campaign missions in Galaxy, and collected which decals were being used in the actual missions. PSH aka Kimera 757 (talk) contribs) 02:20, September 2, 2010 (UTC)

  • Mar Sara Separatists use their own decal (the fist one).
  • LVL80TSM! (tauren) use Pan-Terran.
  • Agrian Colonists (even post-infestation) use the Terran Max decal.
  • Zerg usually use the Char Brood decal. However, the ones on Aiur use the Aiur Brood decal, and in Armageddon they use the Claw Brood decal.
  • All of Tosh's minions use Spectre-Ops. (Tosh's Crew, Tosh's Goons, Tosh himself...)
  • Orlan's Forces use Terran Max. Port Junkers use Number 06 (not available as a reward).
  • The prisoners (and hybrids) in Piercing the Shroud have the "default" decal. I suspect that means none. They don't have buildings anyway, so it's kind of hard to check in-game.
  • The protoss relics in Smash and Grab use Daelaam Regalia. The others use the "default".
  • The captured protoss in Maw of the Void appear to use Daelaam Regalia.
  • Zeratul always uses Daelaam Regalia.
  • Everyone in A Sinister Turn uses the Templar Caste decal. The preservers, Zhakul Guardians, Zeratul's Enclave, even Maar.
  • In Echoes of the Future, all the protoss use the Akilae Tribe decal. (Which, for Zeratul, makes no sense!) PSH aka Kimera 757 (talk) contribs) 02:27, September 2, 2010 (UTC)
Why don't we add this to the article? -- 09:14, June 6, 2011 (UTC)
The above lines were just to let people (and myself) know what we were going to upload, and which pages to put them on. PSH aka Kimera 757 (talk) contribs) 16:27, June 6, 2011 (UTC)
Okay, cool. Anyway, do you have any idea what does the "Terran Max" stand for? The word "max"? I mean I know its used by Agrian colonists and Orlan's mercs and the others, but what does it mean? I also don't understand why is the picture of war pigs - both here and in-game with grey background, since it actually has yellow background (when you choose it, it is displayed with yellow background in the game, independent from player's color). -- 17:59, June 7, 2011 (UTC)
We've never been told what the decals stand for, that's just what it's called in the game files. "War Pigs" decal, I think, actually has three versions (one for each race). I'm not sure which one this is, exactly, but I no longer recall how to do those extracts. PSH aka Kimera 757 (talk) contribs) 21:03, June 7, 2011 (UTC)
Oh I see. Hope Blizzard will someday tell us what does it mean :) I suppose DMW stands for Dead Man Walking, and that Pan-Terran is just for fun. I checked the War Pigs decal in the editor. It really has yellow background, but only for Terran.-- 09:59, June 8, 2011 (UTC)

Missing Decal Edit

The Blizzcon 2011 decal is not included on this page. I believe it is called Fist of Furry?

You can see one by looking at this guy's profile: Dr. Cheis 22:36, February 23, 2012 (UTC)

Thanks for the link. I'll add the image tomorrow. PSH aka Kimera 757 (talk) contribs) 05:26, February 24, 2012 (UTC)
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