I believe that a bullet point in the UI section is incorrect. It uses the following source:

Q: Will we see this third-person perspective in any of the actual single player missions? Will editor be in beta?
A: I don’t know if we will include the third person thing in the game. It requires lots of teaching. We are trying to get people used to RTS gameplay in the single player, let alone third-person gameplay. We are planning to ship the beta in the editor. It probably won’t be in day one, but it will be there.

The answer's formatting can be easily misinterpreted. The first part of the question asks if the third person view will be in any of the main game's missions. Blizzard states that there will not be any third person maps in the main campaign. He then answers the second part of the question. He talks that the map editor itself may not be included in the beta on day 1. He is NOT specifically talking about the third-person feature within the editor, like the bullet in the UI section implies. User:Javadocs

correction to misinformation Edit

i have used the editor myself. it is clearly called the starcraft 2 editor. it also supports 2 additional resources. terrazine plus custom resource. -

Same here. It just says editor. However, Blizzard calls it the Galaxy Editor; that appears to be the official name. We should wait and see before we change anything in the article; it's only a few days.

You can add two extra resources? Interesting. PSH aka Kimera 757 (talk) contribs) 20:07, July 24, 2010 (UTC)


Since Blizzard doesn't offer support for the editor, does anyone have links to tutorials, or could at least tell me hof to acces the campaign unit data? I'm unable to find them and I can't believe you have to rebuild them by using the editor. Elchwyn 13:46, August 7, 2010 (UTC)

Found it out on my own (Google ftw). You need to create a new Map and select a "source" when "campaign (Liberty) is chosen the campaign units apear in the unit menu (Note: The box which asks for the source is very flat (bug in the german version?) but will expand once you clicked it)