Title: StarCraft: Frontline Volume 2
Author: Various Art
By: Various
ISBN: 978-1-4278-0831-8
Price: $10.99, CAN $11.99
Format: Manga, 192 pgs.
Volume: 2 of 3
Dimensions: 5' x 7.4375'
Genre Icon: Sci-Fi Genre: Action Rating: T (Teen Age 13+)

Product Synopsis: The brutal, dark and fascinating world of StarCraft comes alive in this second collection of never-before-seen thrilling adventures.

In the second part of 'Why We Fight,' (Josh Elder) the sadistic Dr. Burgess gets his bloody hands on Muadun, a recently captured high templar. But will his theory that mankind's adaptability makes it inherently superior to the high templars hold out?

In 'Just Another Ghost Story' (Kieron Gillen), soldier-scavengers from the Kel-Morian Combine are picking the decimated Antiga Prime clean. But there's just one problem: The planet is rumored to be haunted by a 'ghost.'

In 'Newsworthy' (Grace Randolph), reporter Nora Colby has landed the interview of a career, except that what she discovers is so horrifying, she may not be able to report it...

And in 'Creep' (Simon Furman), we get an atmospheric story about protoss experimenting with zerg creep...leading to disastrous results.

Sell Sheet Keynote: From the creators of Warcraft come thrilling adventures based on the bestselling StarCraft video game [1]


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