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What planets are Confederacy's core worlds? We know seven of them: Tarsonis, Char, Mar Sara, Chau Sara, Tyrador IX, Dylar IV and Brontes. The remaining six can be Antiga Prime, Pridewater, Halcyon, Ursa, Tyrador VIII and Vyctor 5, but nearly all of them survived the fall of Confederacy and we know that 9 of thirteen core world were infested by the Zerg. The infested worlds were Chau Sara, Mar Sara, Tarsonis, Char, Brontes, Dylar IV, Antiga Prime and possibly Pridewater. These are 8 planets, not 9. Could there be other non-core planets of the Confederacy aside from the Fringe Worlds? XEL 09:34, 14 October 2008 (UTC)

The Confederacy had the thirteen core worlds and an unknown number of other colonies. There's never been a whole number given apart from the 13 core worlds (speaking of which, Korhal was almost certainly a core world too).--Hawki 10:08, 14 October 2008 (UTC)

Korhal could be the core world before StarCraft and by the beginning of SC there are 13 core worlds. Confederacy appears to have:

13 core worlds: Tarsonis, Ursa, Char, Tyrador IX, Chau Sara, Mar Sara, Tyrador VIII, Brontes, Dylar IV, Halcyon, Antiga Prime and 2 unseen in the games. Non-infested being Terador IX, Tyrador VIII, Ursa and Halcyon.

At least about 10 non-core Fringe Worlds, including Brontes system planets, Vyctor 5 and Pridewater.

There are also non-Confederacy planets, such as Umoja, Moria and Kel-Morian and possibly Umojan colonies. XEL 10:21, 14 October 2008 (UTC)

Member ListEdit

Similar issue faced with the KMC, as to how notable an individual has to be to warrent exclusion (make it clear-can't include everyone). Keeping in mind that notability here has to do with position rather than storyline relevance, I've cut it down to what's seen here. In the interest of setting guidelines:

  • Administration: Councillors and most senators automatically qualify. I say "most" as I think senators representing planets are worthy, but not senators within a planet's own senate bar Tarsonis. In other words, include Angus Mengsk (also by virtue of his actions), but not the other members of the Korhal Senate. Not sure whether magistrates are important enough though. While a magistrate might wield more influence than a senator at least on their own planet, said planets have usually been quite minor when we've had magistrates for them.
  • Military: Goodness knows there's many, and as such, they need to be really high up. General Ledbetter was established as such an individual explicitly and with that in mind, I've restricted it to individuals around general level in terms of rank. Killianey also qualifies IMO due to the influence she wielded.
  • Old Families: Included a few heads of family. Full lists are covered in the Old Families article and shouldn't be fully duplicated, but a snapshot of the major ones would serve the list well IMO. Still, feel free to add/talk/edit in good faith.--Hawki 07:54, September 7, 2011 (UTC)
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