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The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Targeting drones were a type of automated terran device constructed by Nighthawks.[1][3] They are flying, stealthed, and immobile.[1] They shone a laser on enemy targets, increasing the damage of the victim unit by 50%. It could only target one unit at a time.[1]

The targeting drone was created with an energy cost from the Nighthawk, and did not have a timed life.[1] It was canceled as of April 2009.[4]


Targeting drones could be coupled with auto-turrets to increase their damage.[1]

Targeting Drone

Targeting drones are flying units[1][3] which shine a laser on an enemy unit, giving a +50% damage boost to targeted units.[5] Only one drone can target one unit at a time.[1] The drone is cloaked.[6][1] The targeting laser can be seen even without the use of detectors.[7]

The drone has 120 hit points, and is immobile.[1]

They do not have a timed life.[1]



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