Tarsonis is a planet in the Koprulu sector.

A temperate planet[1][2] with a core continent[3] and 27 hour day, Tarsonis residents were occasionally afflicted by powerful solar flares.[4]


Early SettlementEdit


Tarsonis from space

When the Nagglfar crash-landed on the planet, the passengers accessed ATLAS directly and confirmed their growing suspicions that they would never see Earth again. In an attempt to find refuge in their new surroundings, they stripped the Nagglfar of essential materials.[2] The ruling class, commanders of the Nagglfar, believed that keeping law and order was critical. The police district headquarters were built from bits of the original colony ships.[4]

The vagabond new inhabitants worked to survive in what they termed 'the New World', making do with whatever meager resources they could find.[2] They expanded quickly to establish cities and industry over much of the planet's surface.[1] In a relatively short amount of time, the Tarsonians spread to other worlds and developed a prosperous, self-supporting economy.[1][2]

After living in isolation for sixty years, the Tarsonians developed second-generation subwarp engines which allowed their ships to make contact with Moria and Umoja.[2] Tarsonis was the most technologically advanced and prosperous of the three colonies, having been given a head start by ATLAS.[1]

Tarsonis initially pushed for a conglomerated government, but Moria and Umoja steadfastly refused[2] as they were faced with the likely pre-eminence of Tarsonis in such an arrangement. The Old Families responded by expanding their military and colonizing more aggressively.[1] Founding prosperous colonies on seven other worlds enabled Tarsonis' military might to grow by leaps and bounds. Tarsonis and its colonies founded the Terran Confederacy.[2]

The ConfederacyEdit

As Tarsonis was the central hub of the Confederacy's governance and economy,[1] its most potent defenses were over the planet. Three primary orbital platforms served as staging areas for the Confederate fleet. The central platform was defended by Omega and Delta Squadron troops.[5] The primary defensive weapon was the Ion cannon.[5] Over time, these defenses were engaged in over thirty major battles.[5]

TerranConfederacy SC2 Art1

Tarsonis's prosperity

At the height of the Confederacy's power, huge quantities of money and materials were shipped in from the colonies on a daily basis. The economic boom dwarfed that of any other terran world in the Koprulu sector, and the population of Tarsonis grew exponentially[1] until it was one of the most densely populated planets in the sector.[6]

The FallEdit

Main article: Fall of Tarsonis
"Families ripped apart -- literally -- when the savage zerg arrived. Mountains of dead bodies, deserted cities..."

- Kate Lockwell on the day Tarsonis fell(src)

In 2500, Alpha Squadron assaulted the central platform.[5] General Edmund Duke planted psi emitters to lure the zerg there.[7] Adjutant 23-46 intercepted a transmission of Mengsk revealing that he authorized the use of psi emitters.[8][9]

BattleOfTarsonis SC2 Art1

The zerg invading Tarsonis

Billions of zerg arrived in the Tarsonis system, and began their invasion of the planet. In a short amount of time,[10] the zerg overran the planetary defenses and devastated Tarsonis' major cities and industrial centers.[1]

The zerg set up their primary hive at New Gettysburg, where Executor Tassadar deployed ground forces to engage them. Mengsk sent a strike force led by Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan to stop Tassadar's interference. Kerrigan neutralized the protoss, but a wave of zerg advanced on her position. She called for immediate evac, but Mengsk ordered the Sons of Korhal fleet to move away from Tarsonis, abandoning her to the zerg.[11] Captain Jim Raynor rushed to Tarsonis to save Kerrigan, but found no trace of her.[12][13]

The Sons of Korhal rescued a number of civilians from the last functioning space port, Osborne Port.[4] However, an estimated two billion people were killed. Refugees were absorbed into other colonies,[1] such as Ursa.[4]

ProtossZergTarsonisBattle SCR Game1

The protoss and zerg battling on Tarsonis cities

The protoss and zerg continued to battle across the core continent[3] until the zerg abandoned the planet[14] and the Conclave bade Tassadar to return to Aiur.[15]

The Dominion Engineering Corps, a division of the Kel-Morian Combine, built Theta Prime station over Tarsonis in order to maintain the flow of commerce following the destruction of the Terran Confederacy.[16]

The Brood WarEdit

Battlecruiser SCR Art1

The Aleksander above Tarsonis

During the Brood War, the United Earth Directorate's research team uncovered the psi disrupter on Tarsonis. Lieutenant Samir Duran destroyed four zerg hives in the area before locating the disrupter. Before he could plant the explosives on it, he was relieved by ghosts who came with orders from Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov to disassemble the disrupter[17] and reconstruct it on Braxis.[18]

Kerrigan established her fortress on Tarsonis, from which she contacted Raynor and Fenix. Just as they arrived, the disrupter's signal shattered the unity of Kerrigan's broods. Over a few hours, they turned on each other and left their hive clusters to run out of control. Kerrigan had her cerebrate take the few zerg still under her control and stem further damage to her seven hive clusters.[19]

Kerrigan returned to Tarsonis to rest after driving the UED from Korhal. Two days later, the UED sent hundreds of enslaved zerg to Tarsonis,[20] which was too remote for them to maintain direct control, so they sent thirty scientists to coordinate their attack from a small facility towards the rear of their landing zone. A number of Kerrigan's outposts fell before Duran located the facility and ordered the cerebrate to kill the scientists.[21] Kerrigan abandoned Tarsonis shortly afterward, relocating her base of operations to Char.[22]

The DominionEdit

Tarsonis SC2 Art2

Salvage operations on Tarsonis

The Terran Dominion placed Tarsonis under strict quarantine while its salvage teams sifted through the rubble for any Confederate technologies and military secrets that may have survived the assault. Mengsk promised that Tarsonis would be restored, and the Dominion would help guide it toward a brighter future.[1] However, feral zerg continued to thrive on the planet, even indoctrinating new breeds like the roach and baneling, and Tarsonis became a hideaway for criminal groups such as the Scantid Pirates.[23]

The Great Train RobberyEdit

Train Job

Raynor's Raiders attack Dominion trains

The Dominion restored power to the old rail network and ran a large number of supply trains with minimal security. During the Second Great War, they found Adjutant 23-46. As they were transporting it to the processing station, Raynor's Raiders arrived, having learned from their informants that something unusually valuable had been uncovered. Captain Matt Horner discovered Confederate diamondbacks in the hills that the Dominion had not yet salvaged. The Dominion responded by sending escorts to protect the trains, attacking Raynor's base, constructing a series of bunkers to protect the tracks, patrolling the tracks with large groups of marauders and boosting their trains' speed. However, Raynor's troops successfully retrieved the adjutant.[24]

A memorial was later unveiled on Tarsonis.[25] However, by 2505, the Dominion salvage and restoration operations on Tarsonis had ceased.[23]

End WarEdit

AlliedCommanders SC2-LotV Art1

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"Glad you're here. Need a little help fulfilling a contract. Amon's shipping some nasty tech onboard these trains. My job is to torch 'em, but my guys are late to the party. Now, I'm thinking you'd like to see those trains go up in smoke too."

- Graven Hill to the allied commanders(src)

During the End War, Tarsonis experienced the harshest winter it had seen in years. Amon intended to take advantage of it.[26]

Moebius Corps activated the planet's railway network and used it to ferry supplies. Graven Hill was tasked with destroying the trains, but his forces could not arrive in time. He then tasked allied forces with destroying the trains and warding off Amon's forces defending them.[27]

Insurgents Among the RuinsEdit

GriffinTarsonis SC2-NCO Cine1

Dominion forces arrive at Tarsonis

After the End War, a separatist group known as the Defenders of Man established a base in Tarsonis City. At some point during her time with the Defenders of Man, Nova Terra visited the city. When her wiped memories were partially restored by Reigel, she remembered having gone there.[28] She and her Covert Ops Crew investigated the planet, setting up garrisons surrounding the base to hold off the feral zerg on the planet while she investigated the base.

TarsonisCity SC2-NCO Art1

The ruins of Tarsonis City

When she entered, her intrusion was discovered, and the Defenders of Man activated a psi emitter in the base and began to evacuate. This lured feral zerg in the base, but did not deter her, and Nova entered the facility's command room.[29] There she killed the technician in charge of the facility, and discovered that the Defenders of Man planned to use psi emitters on civilian planets in order to undermine the rule of Emperor Valerian Mengsk.[30]

Known LocationsEdit

Tarsonis SC2 Art3

The ruins of Tarsonis

Cities and TownsEdit


Military BasesEdit

Orbital FacilitiesEdit

Tarsonis SC-BG Phys1




Tarsonis is a black metal band named after the planet which lyrically bases its music on the StarCraft universe.


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