"Welcome to Taurus IV. Not my favorite planet in the sector..."

- A Dominion officer(src)

Taurus IV is a planet of the Koprulu sector. It formerly housed relics of the protoss.


Taurus IV was once the site of protoss colonization. Relics and ruins of the empire were left behind on the planet after it was abandoned.

Years later, the Terran Dominion sent a science team to search for relics on the planet. They encountered the Zerg Swarm, and contact was lost with them. In response, the 21st Assault Division was sent to investigate, and engaged the zerg.[1] However, the zerg retaliated and overwhelmed the 21st destroying their base and infesting the survivors.[2] Their distress signal was intercepted by a protoss executor, who sent a force to investigate the extent of the infestation. Seeing the world was overrun, his forces fell back to a nearby nexus point, and held out for the arrival of the Golden Armada. The protoss fended off the zerg, and the arrival of the fleet allowed the protoss to bombard the zerg base from orbit, annihilating their foothold on the planet.[3]


Taurus is a real-world constellation.


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