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Team melee is a game-type mode for the games StarCraft and Brood War. It is a game where a team of two or more players start in one base. They can have workers of the same race or one of each kind. For example, a player can have a terran command center as a base and have one terran SCV and 3 protoss probes for their workers assuming the first player has picked terran and the three other picked protoss. Like melee the objective is to destroy the all of the enemy's base. The only difference is that teammates can control the same units and the same amount of resources that go along as well. The max supply cap can increase from 200 to 800.

Team Melee Example

The player had picked his command center. Notice the dotted green line for the other player. Also notice the probes and SCVs.

A game of 4v4 players would now effectively be a 1v1 game. Examples are

  • First player can micro and be offensive (as in controlling the armies and unit control)
  • Second player can can do macro and be defensive (as in training units and economic growth)
  • Third player does the spell casting and support (as in researching spells and using them)
  • Fourth player can do the scout and guerrilla warfare (as in reconnaissance and possibly do some harassment)

Not all players can and would be doing what they are doing and not all of the players could be doing what is listed in the example. Some players can switch roles in the changing tide of the battle if needed to. Some players in a team could altogether do one role.

This would free up the need for multitasking. However, there are players who go do their own thing building, researching, using, or training units when sometimes it is not necessary. So team work and communication plus cooperation is a must at all times.

Some players also will take control of all units and make other players into a mere observer. In Team Melee players must figure out who does what, if not a team member will either lose or eventually leave. So figure it out and have a role in Team Melee.