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Team Red was a five-member ghost training team at the Ghost Academy led by Dylanna Okyl.[1][2]

It was repeatedly pitted against Team Blue, winning some competitions and losing others.[1][2]

Aal Cistler, a problematic student assigned to Team Blue was expelled shortly after entering the Academy for giving drugs to teammate Lio Travski.[1] However, he went to his father, Finance Minister Aldeo Cistler and used his influence to be readmitted to the Academy. He insisted on joining Team Red, which resulted in Dori Koogler being thrown off the team. He came to an alliance with Okyl, who was jealous of Team Blue's star student, Nova Terra and its leader, Gabriel Tosh.[2]

Okyl and Cistler became aware of Terra's illicit relationship with Tosh, and threatened to have them expelled from the Academy if they didn't break it off. Tosh did so.

Superintendent Sarco Angelini set up another training exercise, between Team Red and Team Blue. However, the true purpose of the test was to investigate what changes a lack of drug addiction had on Lio Travski (who the Academy had detoxified). Meanwhile, Okyl and Cistler planned on focusing on Nova Terra, the only "dangerous" opponent on the other side. Okyl insisted on taking on Nova herself, so once the rest of her team had eliminated two of Team Blue's members and had Nova pinned down, she and Cistler, using a group of abandoned SCVs for cover, made contact with her.[2]

Okyl and Nova tangled in a martial arts competition, but Travski let loose with his technopathic powers, taking control of the SCVs and capturing Team Red. Cistler offered him drugs, but this only made Travski angry. Bick announced that the two teams would join into one, and be sent on a mission to the fifth planet in The Baker's Dozen.[2] The combination was dubbed Team Purple. It was led by Tosh.[3]


AalCistler SC-GA1 Head1.JPEG AndieDessai SC-GA2 Head1.JPEG DoriKoogler SC-GA2 Head1.JPEG WinlaleahMartine SC-GA2 Head1.JPEG ObiMinaya SC-GA2 Head1.jpg DylannaOkyl SC-GA2 Head1.JPEG
Aal Cistler Andie Dessai Dori Koogler


Winlaleah Martine Obi Minaya Dylanna Okyl


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