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"Some will die so others can live."

- Defenders of Man Technician(src)

A technician managed the Defenders of Man base on Tarsonis. He was in communication with other higher-ranking members of the organization, and had clearance into their high security command headquarters.[1]


After Nova Terra discovered the Defenders of Man were using her to plant psi-emitters on Antiga Prime, the technician arrived to announced that General Carolina Davis, leader of the Defenders of Man, was on her way.[2]

Later, the technician helped command the Defenders of Man base under the ruins of Tarsonis City on Tarsonis. When Agent Nova Terra infiltrated the base, he contacted his higher ups, who ordered him to activate a psi-emitter in the base and evacuate. The technician voiced his concerns that it was an extreme measure, but conceded that it had to be done.[1]

As he moved to the base's command room he was trailed by Nova. The technician contacted other Defenders of Man personnel, stating that their plan to release psi-emitters on a civilian world was unchanged. Nova then revealed herself and killed the technician with her monomolecular blade.[3]


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