"Invalid component V9-728->V11. If (AFT calibration vector> 0.0001, repeat function, reveal)."

- Lio Travski communicates with the Cyrus's computer(src)

Stetmann SacredLand Comic1

Egon Stetmann used techopathy on his Mecha Swarm

Technopathy is a telepathic ability to link with certain kinds of machines as well as organic minds.[1]

With this ability, technopathic ghost-in-training Lio Travski was able to pick up a distress call, override the safeguards implemented in their moebius reactors, and repair the downed battlecruiser Cyrus. Using this ability, Travski was able to "hear" the machine as if it were a voice, and from that know the state of the machine.[2]

Though not a prior psionic before, Egon Stetmann gained techopathy upon extreme exposure to terrazine, which allowed him to psionically control his Mecha Swarm.[3]

Known TechnopathsEdit


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