"Tegis Marz is the name. I'm the Angel of Death for you boys out on the periphery. Happy to serve you. You need anything-including a proper butt-saving-and I'm the man to call."

- Tegis Marz(src)

Tegis Marz was the pilot of the dropship Valkyrie Vixen and member of the Confederate Marine Corps. He was attached to the 417th Confederate Marine Platoon in the last days of Mar Sara, serving alongside his brother Marcus Jans. The two shared an acrimonious relationship.

Marz had a slim build and a hairstyle that consisted of blue spikes radiating from his head in sharp cones, the areas between them shaved bald with careful precision.


Marz was already present at Mar Sara Starport when the 417th arrived. Although his brother was hardly eager to fly in "the death trap" that was the Vixen, one comment among many that prompted a short brawl, he and the rest of the platoon boarded the ship, Marz flying the group to Scenic Station.

Marz flew cover for the platoon from the dropship, a transmitter being used to help them find their objective. However, he was recalled to help evacuate the Scenic Garrison halfway through. His brother however, was not among them, a fact that he protested all the way back to the starport. The Confederates managed to placate him in claiming that Jans had probably taken an unregistered transport off the planet. With his brother's voice coming in over the tranceiver however, this was clearly not the case.

Despite the Confederates trying to stop him, Marz flew the Vixen back to the outpost, finding his brother and the remnants of the platoon. Unfortunately, three zerg mutalisks discovered them and attacked his craft. Marz tried flying to safety, but the mutalisks were sucked into the ship's turbines and killed. Unfortunately, their acidic blood flowed into the engines, separating turbine blades from high-speed shafts. As a result, the dropship exploded, taking Marz with it and stranding the marines.


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