Telbrus was a protoss high templar who was part of the exiles who made it to Shakuras, and became a member of a team that was sent to recover one of the ancient colossi hidden by his people millenia before.


Telbrus was born on Aiur as a member of the Auriga Tribe. When he was young, he loved to hear stories of heroic templar, and eventually became a novice himself. However, it was at that time that his homeworld was attacked by the Zerg Swarm, and Telbrus had to watch as most of his family and friends where slain mercilessly. Dark Templar dragged him away from the fighting and to the last functioning warp gate.

Once on Shakuras, Telbrus accepted his superiors' decision to ally themselves with the Dark Templar, but at the same time he harbored a deep resentment against the latter, blaming them for his inability to save his loved ones.

Eventually, he became the second-in-command of fellow high templar Aldrion, who was tasked with recovering one of the ancient colossi from an asteroid in a dying star system. They used a Dark Templar starship of unfamiliar type that Telbrus found highly inadequate for the task; he also distrusted the pilot, Zoraya. When the team ran into the zerg, he saw a chance to fight, but Aldrion made it clear that their priority was to find what they were looking for. After a short battle, they landed on the target asteroid and proceeded to the vault. On the way, Telbrus became more and more agitated, until Aldrion showed him a vision of a possible future where civil strife would break out among the protoss again and the colossi would be used to exterminate the Dark Templar.

Thus, Aldrion was able to convince the horrified Telbrus that the alliance was their only chance of survival, and that the colossi could turn out to be more dangerous than the foe they were to be used against. Shortly after this, Aldrion sacrificed himself in order to save the rest of his team and the recovered colossus from the approaching zerg. The last thing Telbrus saw of him was his shadow, burned into stone by the colossus' lasers.


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