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A protoss being teleported

Teleportation is a type of matter transport used by terrans and protoss.


Protoss Teleportation[]

Zealots warping-in at a pylon

The protoss have spent thousands of years studying the nature of time and space[1] and as a result, their ability to manipulate it far exceeds that of other races.[2] Arbiters can weaken space-time, tearing rifts in the fabric of space-time, creating a vortex linking another location to the arbiter's location;[3] warp prisms are able to perform a similar ability through the psionic matrix,[1] as can motherships.[4] Carriers are equipped with teleportation platforms that can quickly deploy protoss warriors to a planet's surface.[5]

In addition, warp stones are built into power suits and light armor suits. When a protoss wearing one of these suits nears death, they disappear in a flash of bright light, and are recalled to safety. Primitive and superstitious civilizations have attributed this to supernatural causes.[4] These mechanisms can also be activated manually.[6]

Stalkers are also able to blink— a form of short-ranged teleportation that allows a user to appear or disappear in a flashing pillar of light.[7] Some dark templar also have an ability similar to the stalkers' blink, which is referred to as shadow dash, in which the user could teleport a short distance by appearing and disappearing in a cloud of smoke and shadows.[8] Adepts are able to teleport using a form of psionic transfer.[9] An offensive form of teleportation was lightning dash, in which the user teleported a short distance before reappearing in a flurry of energy. This energy damages and stuns all enemies that surround the user.[10] [9]

Terran Teleportation[]

A teleportation pad

Terran teleportation fields were invented by Transmatter Inc. Although not as advanced as protoss teleportation technology,[11] terran teleportation devices are able to quickly move living organisms and objects short distances within structures[12] and science vessels via teleportation pads.[13]

Teleporting a solid object into another solid object can result in a "telefrag".[14]

Transmatter made several attempts to improve on the technology, but they were all failures.[11] Another terran attempt at a teleportation system was the MH-232 Teleportation system, but there was a terrible accident and it malfunctioned. There was a valiant attempt to manually control the teleportation matrix without the automated computer system, but it eventually failed.[15]

Battlecruisers about to re-materialize through a tactical jump

In contrast, the Kimeran Pirates had an advanced teleportation system aboard their ship, the Kimera, which didn't require a fixed piece of technology to transport people on and off the ship. However, the technology required accurate positioning information which came from transponders. If those were knocked off-line, the teleportation system could not be used.[16] By the End War, terran engineers had devised a FTL-based teleportation system for the Minotaur-class battlecruiser and the Hercules-class dropship, allowing for tactical combat jumps across short distances.[17]

After the End War, the Terran Dominion developed blink technology based off of the design of the protoss stalker, and created the phase reactor suit from their research.[18]

Game Effect[]


HerculesTacticalJump SC2 Icon.jpg
Tactical Jump

The unit warps anywhere on the map. Does not require vision of the destination area.

Hotkey T
Cooldown 30 seconds
TacticalJump Game1.JPG
Tactical Jump

Warps the Sovereign Battlecruiser to the target location. Vanishes from the map and is invincible while warping. Does not require vision of the target area.

Hotkey T
Cooldown 60 seconds
TacticalJump Game1.JPG
Tactical Jump

Asteria Wraiths, Deimos Vikings, and Theia Ravens can use Tactical Jump, warping them to any location, even if not visible. The aircraft is invulnerable while warping.

Hotkey T
Cooldown 60 seconds

Theia Ravens Silent Mode don't prevent the use of this ability.

Purchased from Tech lab attached to dominion starport
Hotkey Q
Cost 150 Minerals 150 Vespene gas 90seconds
With Impatience
Cost 150 Minerals 150 Vespene gas 63seconds


MassTransportation Coop Game1.JPG
Semi-Stable Mass Transportation

Teleports Gary and all nearby units you control to a target Stetellite's location.

Hotkey R
Cooldown 180 seconds
Mastery: -1.8 seconds per Gary Ability Cooldown mastery point. Down to a minimum 126 seconds


A zealot warping in

In the original StarCraft, zealots, bengalaas, and kakarus all used the same blue flash animation upon death. In the case of zealots, this has since been explained as being from their teleportation mechanism.[4]


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