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Project Power Field

Project a pylon power field onto the target location (starts with power field on initial base). Using this ability again will move the power field to a new location. Your ally may also use this field.

Speed Increase for Warped units Mastery: All combat units, after warped on energy fields (from both Pylons and Project Power Field ability), gain +2% to movement speed, attack speed, cooldown reduction and energy regeneration per each mastery point for 30 seconds.

Nexus Legate: Upon use, Project Power Field warps out any of your combat units standing in an existing Power Field projection into the new location. Project Power Field has no cooldown, but costs 25 energy.

Cost 25 (with Nexus Legate) Energy
Cooldown 30seconds
0 (with Nexus Legate) seconds

Mastery: +2% per Speed Increase for Warped units mastery point. Up to a maximum +60%

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Initially available


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