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This template is used by other templates to automatically pick colors based on the race/organization selected.

If using ColorRace and ColorRace/foreground to choose background and foreground colors for elements, consider using the helper template Template:ColorStyle instead.

When adding a new raceid color to ColorRace, add a suitable foreground color for that raceid to Template:ColorRace/foreground as well.



The parameters are not preceded by parameter names. Substitute values for the parameter names directly.

Required Fields

  • raceid
    • The following indicates the values and their associated colors.
raceid Color
human #C0C0C0
hybrid #8C66A5
infested terran #3264C8
kelmoriancombine #008000
kerrigansswarm #800080
nerazim #008000
protoss #FEC423
protossempire #FF0000
protossprotectorate #0000FF
raynorsraiders #0000AA
sonsofkorhal #AA0000
terran #C0C0C0
terrandominion #AA0000
zerg #00C000
taldarim #000000
specops #2FE8EA
purifier #FFA500

Optional Fields

  • defaultcolor
    • The color used if raceid does not match any of the default.
    • This is a CSS color property.
  • overridecolor
    • If set this color will always be used.
    • This is a CSS color property.
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