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Promotion Granted

Royal Guard units can now attain Rank 3, gaining the following abilities:

  • Aegis Guard can greatly increase their attack speed.
  • The Emperor's Shadow's Pyrokinetic Immolation causes an explosion with the target dies. Units take damage from the Emperor's Shadow's EMP Blast equal to the amount of energy drained.
  • Increases the Shock Division's attack's area of effect radius in Siege Mode.
  • Increases the attack speed of Blackhammers in Overwatch Mode.
  • Grants Sky Furies with a chance to evade enemy attacks in Fighter Mode. When Sky Furies take fatal damage in Assault Mode, they transform to Fighter Mode and gain a barrier.
  • Allows the Pride of Augustgrad's Yamato Cannon to fire three times in rapid succession.
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Mengsk Level 15.


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