Royal Guard of the Dominion

Killing enemy units grants experience to nearby Royal Guards. If there are no nearby Royal Guards when an enemy is killed, the experience is instead split between all Royal Guards in the mission. Experience allows the unit to gain Rank, which improves its damage, armor, health, energy and unlock new abilities or passive bonuses.

  • Rank 1: Gain Labyrinth Cloak ability.
  • Rank 2: Increase Pyrokinetic Immolation periodic damage by 50%. Increase EMP Blast stun duration by 1 second.
  • Rank 3: Upon target's death, Pyrokinetic Immolation deals 50 damage to nearby enemies. EMP Blast drain all of the target's energy and deals damage equal to that amount.

The leveling up mechanics works as follows:

  • When an enemy unit is killed, 100 experience per supply cost of unit killed is "dropped".
  • If the unit is a non-Heroic unit with 0 supply cost, it will drop no experience.
  • If the unit is a Heroic unit with 0 supply cost, it will drop 800 experience.
  • Dropped experience is equally split among all eligible units (Royal Guard, not at max rank) within 15 range of the unit killed.
  • If there are no eligible units within 15 range of the unit killed, all eligible units on the map get an equal split of the dropped experience.
  • Once a Royal Guard unit has reached maximum rank, it is removed from the pool of eligible units so as to not waste experience.

Mastery: +0.5 experience per supply (+4 experience on Heroic unit with 0 supply cost) per Royal Guard Experience Gain Rate mastery point. Up to a maximum 115 experience per supply (920 experience on Heroic unit with 0 supply cost).

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Rank 1 & 2 - Initially available.
Rank 3 - Reach Mengsk Level 15.
Purchased from Emperor's Shadow (Individual)
Rank 1
Required Grants 1200 experience.
Effect Hit points: 250
Energy: 250
Armor: 1
Damage: 18.75 (+18.75 vs Light)
Rank 2
Required Grants 2800 experience. (summary 4000)
Effect Hit points: 300
Energy: 300
Armor: 2
Damage: 22.5 (+22.5 vs Light)
Rank 3
Required Grants 4800 experience. (summary 8800)
Effect Hit points: 350
Energy: 350
Armor: 3
Damage: 26.25 (+26.25 vs Light)


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