Summon Death Fleet

Warps in a Tal'Darim Mothership and 4 Destroyers that are controllable and will fight for 60 seconds.

Burning Skies: Increases the number of warps in Destroyers from 4 to 8 and unlocks the Tal'darim Mothership Thermal Lance ability.

Tyrant Ascendant: The Death Fleet are unavailable.

Shadow of Death: Summon Death Fleet has no duration or initial cooldown, but costs 400 minerals and 400 vespene gas and no longer warps in Destroyers. Tal'darim Mothership gain the ability to warp in Destroyers, but it's Mass Teleport has a 60 second cooldown and cannot teleport allied units.

Cost 400 (with Shadow of Death) Minerals
400 (with Shadow of Death) Vespene gas
Duration 60 seconds
0 (with Shadow of Death) seconds
Cooldown Coolup: 600 seconds
0 (with Shadow of Death) seconds
Cooldown: 360
Mastery: -4 seconds per Death Fleet cooldown mastery point. Down to a minimum 240 seconds
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Alarak Level 10


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