TychusOutlawArmor Coop Game1
Outlaw Life and Armor

Upgrades the armor of Tychus and his Outlaws and increases their life by 10%.

Purchased from Engineering bay
Hotkey A
Level 1
Cost 100 Minerals Terran SC1 100 TerranVespene SC2 Game1 120Time SC2 Game1
Level 2
Cost 175 Minerals Terran SC1 175 TerranVespene SC2 Game1 140Time SC2 Game1
Level 3
Cost 250 Minerals Terran SC1 250 TerranVespene SC2 Game1 160Time SC2 Game1
Level 4
Cost 325 Minerals Terran SC1 325 TerranVespene SC2 Game1 180Time SC2 Game1
Required Reach Tychus Level 13
Level 5
Cost 400 Minerals Terran SC1 400 TerranVespene SC2 Game1 200Time SC2 Game1
Required Reach Tychus Level 13


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