SerdathLegion Coop Game1
Serdath Legion

Call down Serdath and his legendary legion of Dark Archons to aid in the battle. This legion cannot be directly controlled but can be guided via the top-bar and will fight for 60 seconds.

Cost 800 Minerals Terran SC1
Mastery: -8 Minerals Terran SC1 per Legendary Legion Cost mastery point. Down to a minimum 560 Minerals Terran SC1
Duration 60Time SC2 Game1
90 (with Steadfast Reinforcements)Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 120Time SC2 Game1

Summon Serdath and 3 dark archons (4 with the first artifact fragment and 5 with the second artifact fragment).

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Zeratul Level 7.


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