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Protoss Weapons

Increases the attack damage of all protoss units and defensive structures.


Instantly upgrades when Zeratul finds an artifact fragment.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Level 1 and 2 – Initial available.
Level 3 – Reach Zeratul Level 2.
Level 1
Required Find the first artifact fragment
Level 2
Required Find the second artifact fragment
Level 3
(unavailable with Herald of the Void)
Required Find the third artifact fragment
Level 4-103
(with Knowledge Seeker)
Required Find the fourth and more artifact fragments (summary 103)


Copy and paste the following into the article and fill in the fields.

|effect1=<effect of upgrade level 1>
|effect2=<effect of upgrade level 2>
|effect3=<effect of upgrade level 3>
|effect4=<effect of upgrade level 4 or more>

"use_type" can be "ground","air"

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