A nuclear silo may build and store one missile each.

A ghost launches and "aims" the nuclear missile at a targeted location. The missile arrives 10-15 seconds after. The ghost must aim for the entire duration; if the ghost takes any other action, or the ghost is killed, or the missile is cancelled, the launch is aborted and the missile is wasted.

The launch is broadcast to all players with the audio and visual message "Nuclear Launch Detected." The targeted location is visible to all players as a small flashing red dot.

The missile deals 500 damage or removes two-thirds of total hit points (whichever is greater) to all units within a wide blast radius. One nuke kill most units, and critically damage most buildings. Two nukes will destroy nearly anything. Without Ocular Implants, the ghost's targeting distance is within the blast radius.

Hotkey N
Range 8 or 10 (1 less than ghost's sight range)
Purchased from Nuclear silo
Cost 200 Minerals Terran SC1 200 Gas Terran SC1 8 Supply Terran SC1


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