This template adds a special-purpose description section to a Template:UnitAgmtBox. The section's title is user-defined by the name field.




The following fields must be filled. The rest are optional.

  • racecolor
    • Sets the background color based on a race's name.
    • This is a raceid value as defined in Template:ColorRace
    • Overrides race for header colors.
  • game
    • Should be SC1, or SC2
    • Determines icons
  • race
    • Should be Human, Infested Terran, Protoss, Terran, or Zerg
    • Determines header colors and icons
  • name
    • The customized title of the section.
  • desc
    • A description of the augmentation. May be used to describe all effects


The following are some notes on optional fields.

  • bgcolor
    • Manually sets the background color of the header text.
  • fgcolor
    • Manually sets the foreground color of the header text.
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