"We are in a new era of warfare, khalai. The Koramund and the other carriers of its class are relics of a failed past. They are inefficient, weaponless juggernauts, depleting the fleet of valuable resources and personnel, putting good templar at needless risk. The zerg have fought our carriers so many times in battle, they have memorized the vessels' individual layouts, their unique weaknesses, their chinks. Our loss here at Vanass, like many of our recent defeats, once again proves that zerg knowledge of these craft has become instinctual; it is in their genes."

- Tenzaal(src)

Tenzaal was a female khalai protoss and an officer in the Great Fleet.

Some time after the fall of Aiur, she served aboard the legendary carrier Koramund under Praetor Quordas. She conspired to destroy the Kormanund to prove the worthlessness of the carrier and show the Daelaam that they needed to be replaced.


Tenzaal was a protoss of the Templar Caste assigned to the Koramund. At some point in her service, she became disillusioned by the carrier, and thought that protoss society was only keeping them in service as a symbol of an era past, and that the zerg already had an intimate knowledge of their workings and weaknesses. Thus she plotted to destroy the Koramund and show the Daelaam that the carrier needed to be retired. She planted a false distress signal at the abandoned protoss colony on the planet Vanass, when in reality all that was there was a large swarm of zerg.

She ordered Third Engineer Iaalu away from his interceptor bay in order to keep him from interfering with her plans. Then, the Koramund crashed into the planet below. She wandered through the ship, killing the engineers and severing their nerve chords from the Khala so as to keep her deception hidden. She then went to the office of Praetor Quordas, and engaged her in combat. Just then a wounded Iaalu barged in, just in time to see her kill her commander. She explained her plot to him, and that it would be better if he just died and allowed her work to finish. A hydralisk burst in, which she killed, but it gave Iaalu enough time to escape with a Khaydarin crystal amulet that the Praetor had.

Tenzaal followed Iaalu through the ship, chasing him down with her enhanced speed. She eventually caught up to him, and tried to use psionic bolts to incinerate him. However, this act activated the amulet, which was the heart of the Koramund. The power of the carrier consumed her, and Iaalu attempted to reach out to help her, but she was disintegrated. The Koramund lifted off again in spite of Tenzaal's betrayal, with Iaalu as its new heart.


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