"I do not think Jake Ramsey surrounds himself with idiots. Baldovino at least does not strike me as one."

Teresa Baldovino was a terran technical specialist. Despite her profession, she found herself working as part of an archeological dig team under Jake Ramsey.

She possessed long black hair.


Baldovino joined Ramsey's team nine years before her death, becoming one of his first colleagues, considering Ramsey as something akin to a brother. In time, her career would take her to the inhospitable world of Gelgaris, toiling away for two years before Ramsey accepted an offer from a benefactor known as Mr. V to excavate temple on the world of Nemaka. Like her teammates, Baldovino enjoyed the prospect and was likewise peaved when it was revealed that they weren't the first team that Mr. V had hired.

Alongside Ramsey, Kendra Massa and Darius Grayson, Baldovino accompanied Ramsey into the temple on the day of arrival. The unsettling aura generated by the temple didn't help matters, nor did Ramsey being landed in a coma by a psionic attack. Eventually Ramsey regained consciousness, only for Rosemary Dahl and her team to take Ramsey and co. prisoner.

Baldovino and the rest of the team were hauled into cells on the Gray Tiger. However, its life support systems were destroyed, leaving them to die via low temperature and/or oxygen deprivation.[1]


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