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The following section contains information from a silly source and is not canon.

"All your base are belong to us."

- Terra-tron(src)

The terra-tron is an April Fool's joke from Blizzard Entertainment. It is also the final boss of The Lost Viking.


The terra-tron in a city

The titanic terra-tron is designed as the omega supreme defense for high priority regions, such as the mineral-rich uplands of Redstone. Structures fly into position and attach to each other with the aid of magnetic flux generators to form the massive siege-class combat walker. It is armed with at least three different kinds of weapons (an arm sawblade, hand-mounted energy cannon and head-mounted guns) and can "launch" reapers.

Goraion Systems military engineers, led by head of development Dr. Ron Volt, worked day and night to create the terra-tron.

The cost of operation is aggravated by damage to energy conduits and pipes, and the exposure of electrical wiring, steel framework and sewage systems. Continued development is expected to eliminate these issues.[1]


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  • The Terra-tron is a reference to the classic animated series Voltron, being a gigantic robot made out of separate components which start out with their own individual function before altering themselves to form parts of the gestalt whole. The name of the manufacturer, Goraion Systems, is a reference to the Japanese name of the Voltron cartoon, Go-Lion. More obviously, the name of the machine's lead designer, Dr. Ron Volt, is a simple switch of the syllables in Voltron's name.
  • The quotation "All your base are belong to us" was an unintentionally comical phrase resulting from the poor English translation of the game Zero Wing. It was previously referenced by Blizzard in a map called All Your Base.[2] Considering the way the terra-tron is produced, the phrase is very appropriate.
  • The Terra-tron appears to take on a form similar to the goblin shredder from the Warcraft game series when fully assembled.
  • The Terra-tron exists in the Galaxy Map Editor and appears as a level 3 boss in The Lost Viking.[3]
  • Blizzard Entertainment seems to have removed all browsing paths leading to the Terra-Tron web page from their web design as early as in 2013/2014, and is not accessible via direct URL anymore. (Last checked on November 27th, 2015)



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