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A terrazine refinery

Terrazine refineries are terran structures used for the extraction and/or refinement of terrazine.[1]

Known RefineriesEdit

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Mar Sara features a Dominion-operated "Vespene" Refinery BF 1138, a terrazine refinery on Mar Sara, disguised as a vespene refinery.[2]

In 2503[3] it was infested by zerg and had to be rescued by Nova (a ghost) and other Dominion forces.[4]

Spectre RebellionEdit

A refinery on Altara, operated by Project Shadow Blade, was detonated in order to cover evidence and lure ghost agents to the location. The bloom attracted the zerg. Nova Terra and Nova Squadron arrived, eventually defeating the zerg.[5]

A number of terrazine refineries are/were located on Avernus Station.[6]

Game StructureEdit

Terrazine refineries appear in the Wings of Liberty mission Ghost of a Chance.[6]


The terrazine refinery was made in a mad rush to get unique building artwork created for Ghost of a Chance. A quick solution was reusing about 60% of the building for another unique building, the mineral storage depot. A slip-up occurred in its design however, as vespene barrels can be seen rather than terrazine ones.[7]


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