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The following section contains information from a silly source and is not canon.


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Use during commentaries.

"Terrible, terrible damage" is a phrase coined by Dustin Browder, and became well known due to his frequent use of the phrase while describing the action in his commentating of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty demonstration matches during the game's development. It went on to become another of Blizzard's in-jokes, and the phrase is the cheat code for god mode and to one shot everything in StarCraft II.

Uses by Browder[]

Browder used the term several times in the Sonkie vs Yellow match at BlizzCon 2008[1] and used it again during Battle Report 2[2] and at the BlizzCon 2009 exhibition match.[3] It was used as Browder's nickname at BlizzCon 2009.[3]

The term was used so often that it was proposed as a cheat code. Browder acknowledged the mockery.[4]

Other uses[]

Dustin Browder's appropriate shirt

In Battle Report 3, Robert Simpson used the term.[5] Both Browder and Simpson used similar terms in the fourth Battle Report.[6]

In the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty mission, "Gates of Hell," General Horace Warfield states his battlecruiser has taken "terrible, terrible damage" as it crashes.[7]

In StarCraft II, it is the game's "god mode" cheat, and is also used during challenge levels when achieving many simultaneous kills.

The 404 error page for the website reads: "The page you were looking for either doesn’t exist or some terrible, terrible error has occurred."

A cracked version of the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty beta displayed "Prepare for terrible, terrible damage :)" at the start of a 1v1 match against a homebrewed AI.

In StarCraft II making seven kills with one strike during the "Covert Ops", "Psionic Assault", or "Infestation" challenges will display the message "Terrible, terrible damage!"[8][9][10]

In the Heroes of the Storm F&Q, Blackheart's cannons are said to inflict terrible, terrible damage upon enemy fortifications.[11]

In the co-op mission Mist Opportunities, Egon Stetmann will complain that his harvesting bots are taking "terrible terrible damage" if the commanders fail to protect them (among other exclamations).[12]

The announcer D.Va will occasionally state "Your forces are taking damage! Terrible, terrible damage!" when the player's forces come under attack as any race.[13]

Arcturus Mengsk in Co-op Missions has a mastery bonus named "Terrible Damage," which increases the damage of his calldowns.[14]

In the Descent of Dragons expansion of Hearthstone, the card "Disciple of Galakrond" has the description "Raising Galakrond will cause thurible, thurible damage."[15]

In Hearthstone Battlegrounds, the achievement for dealing 15 or more damage to the enemy hero in one attack is named "Terrible Terrible Damage."


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