"Test subject twenty nine, classified. Protoss/Zerg Hybrid, in perfect cryo-hibernation. Psionic emanations minimal."

Test subject twenty nine was a protoss/zerg hybrid, successfully created by Samir Duran's scientists.


While searching for Artanis and other protoss survivors on a dark moon, Zeratul discovered a secret terran facility, which housed a number of captive protoss and zerg specimens in stasis cells. When he reached the final stasis cell, he found a strange creature inside. To his horror, the stasis cell's computer terminal revealed it to be a protoss/zerg hybrid.[1]

At this point, Duran revealed himself to Zeratul. Zeratul asked if the hybrid was part of Kerrigan's schemes, and Duran replied that the hybrid was beyond Kerrigan's comprehension and that he served a far greater power. When Zeratul expressed outrage that Duran would create such a creature, Duran boasted that the hybrid was the culmination of history and that its existence had been preordained when the stars were young. Zeratul, considering the hybrid an abomination, destroyed it, along with the entire facility.[2] Duran was unconcerned and warned Zeratul that he had seeded the hybrid on many other worlds and that when they awakened, the universe would be changed forever.[1]


Test subject twenty nine is the final and most heavily-guarded stasis cell in the secret mission "Dark Origin." It is the only cell the player is actually required to capture. Once Zeratul reaches the beacon near this cell, the dialogue between him and Duran will be triggered, ending the mission even if the other cells were skipped.

Unlike the other stasis cells in the mission, test subject twenty nine's cell cannot be destroyed.[1]


Although the hybrid creature inside the stasis cell is never seen or described in any existing material, it is possible that the creature was (or was similar to) a hybrid destroyer, given that when Zeratul encountered Maar on Zhakul in 2504, he instantly identified the creature as a hybrid.[3]


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    Maar: INTRUDERS!
    Zeratul: A protoss and zerg hybrid... Gods, an abomination! Who created this atrocity?
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