The Culling is the seventh zerg mission of Episode II of StarCraft.



Kerrigan led an attack on Tassadar's forces on Char, but Tassadar himself escaped her.[1] Daggoth came to Kerrigan in the aftermath of the attack and revealed that Tassadar had baited her into the attack as a diversion. The protoss had devised some sort of new attack they had used to kill Zasz. While normally the Overmind would reincarnate cerebrates upon death, this new attack had nullified that ability and stunned the Overmind itself.[2]

With Zasz dead, his Garm Brood had turned feral and were rampaging out of control, threatening the hive cluster. Daggoth tasked the Cerebrate to destroy the brood while he dealt with the protoss. The Cerebrate carried out its orders without mercy, eradicating the Garm Brood.[2]


The player begins with a small force of zerg south of a Garm Brood base. The player can easily destroy this base with their forces and mutate their own hatchery to begin production. Given the player's substantial starting 800 minerals, they may wish to mutate a second hatchery to speed up unit production early in the mission. The new unit for the mission, the defiler, is powerful when paired with zerglings. Units under the defiler's dark swarm clouds are immune to ranged attacks, and upgraded zerglings can rip apart bases with each under its protection. However, player should be wary of enemy ultralisks, which are much stronger than the zerglings and are unaffected by dark swarm. In lieu of defilers, a mixed force of zerglings, hydralisks and mutalisks will be effective.

The enemy bases will become active after 4 minutes of gameplay. To the west of the player's starting position is a second Garm base. The player should destroy it early to lessen the pressure on their base and claim an expansion. Another Garm base is far to the north-east, and can be taken with a larger force. With these two bases destroyed, the entire northern area of the map remains. Numerous sunken colonies and spore colonies lie on the path to the large northern base, part of which is on a cliff inaccessible to ground forces. The player will need a large army to destroy this base, and a number of mutalisks to attack the base on the cliff. The defiler's plague can be of great use in weakening the zerg defenses before attacking, especially on the base on the cliff where numerous spore colonies and hydralisks defend it.

The mission is won once all enemy structures are destroyed.

Starcraft - Zerg Mission 7 The Culling

Starcraft - Zerg Mission 7 The Culling


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