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The Dark Templar Saga
Publication details
Author(s) Christie Golden, Chris Metzen (story development)[1]
Publisher Simon & Schuster (Pocket Star)
  • May 22, 2007 (Firstborn)
  • November 27, 2007 (Shadow Hunters)
  • June 30, 2009 (Twilight)

Book 1: Firstborn

Book 2: Shadow Hunters

Book 3: Twilight

The Dark Templar Saga is a trilogy of books written by author Christie Golden. It details events in protoss history and serves as a prequel to the StarCraft II storyline, setting up some plotlines and foreshadowing some of its events. It was written concurrently with the game's storyline.[2]


Major Characters[]


Historical Figures[]

Supporting Characters[]


Outlines of the trilogy were made by Chris Metzen, but Christine Golden was given a lot of freedom as to how she wanted to craft the story. The core idea of the series was to thrust an average human into the forefront of galactic events, and have him interact with story significant characters. In original drafts of the series Jacob Ramsey was supposed to be a latent psionic, but this was changed to make him a regular human at Metzen's request.[3]


  • The Dark Templar Saga was originally said to take place in the fourth year after the Brood War, putting it many months or a year before StarCraft II.[4] However, the timeline in StarCraft II: Heaven's Devils lists it as occurring in 2503.[5] In regards to links to timeline articles, this wiki has gone with the '03 timeframe.
  • Christie Golden described the first novel, Firstborn, as "kind of a thriller/action/mystery" novel[6][7] and "Bladerunner meets Indiana Jones".[8]
  • Characters from the trilogy were originally going to feature in Legacy of the Void. However, their inclusion felt forced, and the idea was dropped. James Waugh has stated that the plot threads of the trilogy may be explored in the future, but not in Legacy of the Void itself.[9]


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