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The Education of PFC Shane is a StarCraft II short story written by Robert Brooks, designed to tie-in with Heart of the Swarm. It focuses on the infested terran. The story was later collected in StarCraft II: War Stories.


Some are born soldiers; some are made. Some are infested.

As frontline troops who lead the way into battle, Dominion marines witness countless unsettling and terrifying sights. But the horrors of war pale compared to the ordeal Private First Class Geoff Shane is about to endure.


The story is psychological and based in flashbacks, as Shane slowly succumbs to the hyper-evolutionary virus. He initially believes that he was a willing recruit into the Dominion Marine Corps. As the virus takes its toll, his neural resocialization is slowly undone, and his past as a murderer and arsonist is revealed. By the end of the story, he has fully succumbed to infestation.[1]



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