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The Keep

The Keep is an Umojan Protectorate space fortress located in Umojan Protectorate space. It was considered to be impenetrable by the Terran Dominion. The Keep was defended by four sentinel watchtowers, which would blow any object approaching larger than a pebble into microparticles. On board the station was a contingent of Umojan infantry and at least one shadowguard. The Umojan Protectorate could reinforce the station within five minutes. Important objects and records were stored here, behind a meter thick vault of the thickest material known to mankind. The fortress was defended by experimental defensive weapons, such as black widows.[1]


After the End War, the Umojan Protectorate stored data disks that contained evidence of Emperor Valerian Mengsk's connection to the Moebius Foundation, who bred the hybrid. Valerian ordered ghost agent Nova Terra to infiltrate the facility and retrieve the disks. She moved into the facility, using a recaptured freighter named the Charon, with Nova injecting herself with a drug that would fake her own death. She was brought aboard the keep, and brought to the medical bay for autopsy.

In the medical bay, Nova awoke, and used her psionics to give the doctor a nosebleed and headache, forcing her to leave. Nova then got up, suited up in her hostile environment suit and began her operation, first getting her gear from the Charon. On the way however, she was discovered by a shadowguard, and the two got into a skirmish before Nova shot him. This alerted security systems however, and Nova was attacked by the black widow drones, but she was able to lure them down a hallway and freeze them with the station's liquid oxygen.

Nova then moved back to the Charon, and retrieved explosives. She set them up in the evacuation ships, and several fake explosives in a maintenance shaft. This alerted the station security, who began to evacuate to the nearby watchtowers. There the explosives on the ships triggered, destroying the watchtowers. Nova then made her move on the vault containing the data discs, using a prototype phase disruptor to destroy the walls of the vault. Nova was attacked by the shadowguard from before, but she managed to throw him in front of the phase disruptor's blast. Nova retrieved the data disks, and escaped the facility before reinforcements arrived.[1]


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