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The Shattered Temple is a 4 player map for StarCraft II. However, it has proven popular as a 1v1 map also, standing as the second most popular as of May, 2011.[1]
It became part of the ladder pool in season 4, with close spawn positions removed.[2]
However, it was removed from the ladder for season 7.[3]


The map is based on Lost Temple, but is more balanced. Improvements to Lost Temple found in this map include:

  • A wider center area
  • The xel'naga tower now only covers a part of the center of the map. It is possible to sneak units around the corners of the central area without getting detected by the watch tower.
  • Rocked-off islands. This creates an alternate attack route and reduces stalemate situations that islands cause.
  • Larger choke point by the expansion makes it more difficult to block off.[4]


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