The Tamed was a group of captive zerg hydralisks that had been supposedly tamed and brought under the control of Dominion scientist Dr. Sandra Loew.

The program used a pathogenic prionic organism (PPO) which caused the hydralisk to grow another cerebral lobe, which she controlled with her system. Unlike Project Black Flag, the United Earth Directorate project, this project controlled the zerg from the bottom up. In addition, the hydralisks could be killed through the use of her "Somnus" system if that became necessary.

Initially, Dominion officers had no interest in Loew's work, but eventually the project came to the attention of Emperor Arcturus Mengsk who saw it as an opportunity to bring down the Zerg Swarm. With Mengsk's approval, the Dominion decided to test the Tamed by having them engage a group of feral zerg attacking a mining colony on the planet Thys. Despite Loew's fear that the project was being pushed too quickly, she ordered the Tamed to attack the feral zerg on Thys. Backed up by Dominion troops, the Tamed destroyed the enemy zerg, though several hydralisks were lost in the process.

When Garr, the commander of the Dominion troops accompanying Loew, ordered Loew to send the Tamed to secure the mining facility, he revealed the Dominion's true intention to use Loew's work as a weapon not only against the zerg but against their own people. Loew refused to go along with this and instead ordered the Tamed to attack Garr and the other Dominion personnel, resulting in the deaths of all the high ranking Dominion officers and scientists observing the tests.

Determined that the Dominion would never get their hands on her work, Loew activated the suicide implants in the Tamed, but nothing happened. To her horror, she discovered that her control over the Tamed had been completely subverted. The Tamed proceeded to slaughter the entire colony, before finally turning against their former master.

In truth, the Tamed were never under Loew's control to begin with. In reality, Kerrigan had been directly controlling them from Char. Under Kerrigan's orders, the Tamed had feigned allegiance to the Dominion so that they could assassinate the high-ranking Dominion personnel overseeing the experiment.[1]

Bodies of the Tamed were later delivered to Project Blackstone for study.[2]


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