Theodore Pierce a.k.a. Agent X20991N is a ghost of the Covert Ops Crew who previously served in both the Terran Dominion and Terran Confederacy. He has a psi index of 6, and scores high in both resocialization and compliance. Pierce possesses telepathic and psychometric abilities. Because of his proficiency in the latter, the Dominion recommended that all sensitive material be removed prior to briefings. His identification number in the Confederacy was Agent 25732.[1]


Early ServiceEdit

Pierce graduated from the Confederate Ghost Academy in 2491, and spent nine years running special operations missions. His records of Confederate service were lost after the fall of the Confederacy.

In 2500, he underwent neural resocialization to serve in the newly formed Terran Dominion, and he entered active service later that year. Ghost Academy staff noted he displayed no allegiance to the former state. In spite of his advancing age, Pierce's physical and mental aptitude tests placed him in the 90th percentile.

Covert OpsEdit

Years after the End War, Pierce was listed as part of an operation to infiltrate a Defenders of Man base and gather intelligence along with Nova Terra, Stone and Delta Emblock. The squad went missing shortly afterward. His profile was found in a secure Defenders of Man database.[1]

Months later, after Nova broke out of a Defenders of Man base in Sharpsburg, she rescued Pierce, who expressed confusion that the soldiers holding them weren't Dominion. The group broke out of the base on vultures, with Pierce and Emblock splitting from Nova and Stone to better their chances of escape. Nova escaped the planet, but did not receive contact from the rest of her squad.[2]

Pierce, Stone and Emblock did not report back to the Dominion after Nova's escape.[3]

Pierce was later discovered alongside Emblock in a holding pen when Nova infiltrated Carolina Davis's compound on Vardona, having had his memories replaced. Reigel stated that he would send an extraction team for the two of them.[4]

Pierce was extracted, and offered the chance at a mind wipe, but refused, enjoying the freedom to choose his own path. He joined up with Nova's Covert Ops Crew, who had split from the Terran Dominion to defend it their own way, along with Delta Emblock. However, Stone, who they had also extracted, proved to be more stubborn, and Nova sought a way to walk him through his false memories implanted by the Defenders of Man.

Nova allowed Stone to escape his confines, and he came across Pierce. The two discussed the recent events of the Defenders of Man Insurgency, and General Davis's death, as well as recent Dominion reforms that allowed ghosts to retire should they decide to. However, Stone still believed that this was a trick, and fought Pierce. The two had a brutal melee, fighting for the one gun between the two of them, but eventually the younger and more agile Stone overpowered Pierce, but locked him in the room rather than killed him.

Stone was eventually cornered near the armory, and Pierce appeared nearby to confront Stone alongside Delta and Nova. Nova convinced him that his memories were false, and that he needed to decide what was best for his future, and that the fact he did not kill Pierce or Oslo meant he still wanted to do good. When Oslo stated he likely had a concussion, Pierce took him to sick bay. Stone submitted to having his neural inhibitor removed, but left the Covert Ops Crew to find his own way.[5]

List of OperationsEdit


It's possible for Pierce to be killed during the escape from the Defenders of Man facility. If so, Nova's dialogue would be different once she reaches Stone.


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