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The thor rush is a terran 1vs1 strategy. It consists of building a powerful offensive thor being constantly repaired by several SCVs within 7 minutes of game start. This thor should take out the entire enemy base within very little time.


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Use SCV's to keep it repaired

The strategy will not work if the player is rushed within 6 minutes of game start. The aim is to build up a relatively strong economy and gather plenty of vespene gas in the beginning. Build a supply depot, barracks and bunker at the ramp.

Build the factory at a hidden spot somewhere near the enemy's base. Plant down an armory at the main base as soon as the factory is built and add a tech lab to the factory. Save up enough to build a thor as soon as the armory is down. While the thor is being built, send 5 SCV's to the factory. Along with the 1 scv which built the factory, get 6 scv's to follow/repair the thor as soon as it comes out. Order the thor to attack the enemy base with the SCV's constantly repairing it.

Make sure to keep on building marines and scv's at the base just in case something does go wrong. The player can add a reactor to the barracks to pump out some marines for defense or extra offense. Upgrading the command center to a planetary fortress is a viable option, too.

Build Order

  • 1 SCV, send it to mining
  • Make another SCV, this time make a refinery with it, and make 2 more SCVs
  • Make another SCV, this time making a supply depot
  • Make a barracks
  • Make a factory, making another refinery in the meantime with 3 SCVs, then make another for mining
  • Make an armory immediately with the SCV that is making the factory, and make some SCVs for mining, 2 or 3 will do, and while this is happening take one of the SCVs off the minerals and make it build a supply depot. Make 2 marines from the barracks. Attack.
  • Make a thor when the armory is done, while the thor is building make 2 more marines, a supply depot, and hopefully 2 more SCVs to repair the thor.
  • Keep building SCVs + marines at the base while micro-ing the thor over at the enemy base.

This strategy should work and defeat the enemy within 7 minutes of a game. If the enemy does manage to destroy the thor it is not a problem if enough damage has been dealt, just build lots of marines and Banshees w/ cloak and attack again soon.

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