Tiffy is a curious young girl living on the small colony world of Roxara. She loved to play games like catch with her father Kern, but he couldn't keep up, as he had lost a leg and only had a poorly-functioning cybernetic replacement.[1]


Tiffy spotted a Dark Templar vessel and believed it to be a "magic angel" who would heal her father's leg. In actuality, the "angel" turned out to be Lassatar, a dark templar seeking a xel'naga artifact on her world.

When Tiffy discovered him, Lassatar was impressed by her curiosity and lack of fear. She was unlike any of the other violent terrans he had previously encountered, causing him to wonder if perhaps a problem with terran development transformed them from innocent children to violent marauders. Meanwhile, Tiffy considered him "funny" and continued to believe he was an angel, regardless of what Lassatar told her.

LasstarTiffy SC-FL4 Comic1

Tiffy meets her 'angel'

Tiffy helped him retrieve the artifact he had come for, and when he didn't say anything, told him to say "thank you". Instead he said that she had rendered him a great service, which she accepted as thanks. He offered to escort her safely home.

Unfortunately her father Kern had enemies, namely one Nero, a reaper and his former commanding officer. Nero had arrived to kill Kern, but upon discovering he had a family, threatened to kill them in front of him. Lassatar engaged him in combat and eventually crippled him.

Kern didn't understand what was going on. Thinking Lassatar was threatening his daughter, he tried to attack him. However, Lassatar read his mind and discovered that Kern had mentally "transformed" himself. He promptly left, much to Tiffy's disappointment.[1]


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