Tiger's Claw is a terran mercenary group led by Ravi Dhawan.


The Tiger's Claw are a mercenary group that operated out in the Fringe Worlds and in the demilitarized zone. Their actions are not strictly legal, and they participate in smuggling (and potentially human trafficking) operations. Tiger's Claw marines modified CMC Powered Combat Suits, with guns given heavy modifications such as grenade launchers. The Tiger's Claw make use of heavy transports/gunships named bengals to ferry troops and cargo.


The group was called in to Cavir by Lieutenant Shivani Singh of the Terran Dominion, in order to remove miners illegally occupying the planet. The group arrived a week later, arriving at Camp Pitcairn just after it had repelled a zerg attack. Singh ordered the group to begin evacuating the miners, which generated protests from them, but it came to nothing, as a second, even larger wave of zerg moved in on the base.[1] The Dominion forces moved to defend the perimeter, while Singh assigned the mercenaries to begin evacuating the miners. The Tiger's Claw prepared a defense of the base, while Dhawan ordered the mercenaries to retreat, but after putting a gun to his head, Singh convinced him to renegotiate their terms so that they would stay to defend the camp.

The Tiger's Claw fought alongside the Dominion and miners to keep the zerg from overrunning the base, utilizing their advanced weapons to clear out packs of zerg, while their bengals swept the skies for brood lords and provided air surveillance on the battlefield. Just as they zerg were ready to overrun the base, the Tiger's Claw bengals bombarded the queen leading the broods, causing the zerg to scatter and fall back.

After the battle, the Tiger's Claw helped with the rebuilding of the base. Honoring her word, Singh allowed the Tiger's Claw to run their illegal operations out of Camp Pitcairn, and she appointed Park to be her liaison with them; and her scapegoat should they get caught by Dominion command.[2]

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