Tilesets are background elements of a StarCraft or StarCraft II map.

StarCraft TilesetsEdit

Tileset Examples Related Critters
Ash Char Ragnasaur
Badlands Antiga Prime, Chau Sara, Mar Sara, Tarsonis, Moria Rhynadon
Installation Amerigo, Jacobs Installation, Psi Disrupter, Into the Darkness None, but appear in several installation missions.[1][2][3]
Jungle Aiur Bengalaas
Space platform Char Aleph, Dylarian Shipyards None

Brood WarEdit

Tileset Example Worlds Related Critters
Desert Korhal Scantid
Ice Braxis, Dark Moon Ursadon
Twilight Shakuras Kakaru

StarCraft II TilesetsEdit

There are tilesets that uses the same basis, like "Jungle (Bel'Shir)" and "Jungle (Aiur)"[4] and "Wasteland (Mar Sara)" and "Wasteland (Shakuras)".[5]

Wings of LibertyEdit

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty features a variety of unique tilesets.[6] They are named after planets.[4]

Tileset names and examples are taken from the editor.
Tileset Examples Related Critters
Jungle Agria
Urban Aiur
Space Platform Avernus Automaton 2000
Jungle Bel'Shir
Space Platform Braxis Alpha Automaton 2000
Installation Castanar
Volcanic Char
Jungle Haven Urubu
Urban Korhal
Wasteland Mar Sara
Lunar Meinhoff
Lunar Monlyth
Volcanic New Folsom Lava crab
Wasteland Port Zion
Volcanic Redstone Lava crab
Wasteland Shakuras
Urban Tarsonis
Wasteland Typhon
Urban Tyrador
Cave Ulaan
Xel Naga(sic) World Ship Ulnar
Lunar Valhalla
Wasteland Xil Urubu
Jungle Zhakul'Das(sic)

Heart of the SwarmEdit

The first Expansion for Starcraft II adds 14 extra tileset variations.

Tileset names and examples are taken from the editor.
Tileset Examples Related Critters
Volcanic Char Fortress
Char Marsh
Starship Daelaam Ark
Space Platform Immortal Forge
Ice Kaldir Ursadon
Korhal City
Korhal Platform
Korhal Wastes
Installation Moros
Desert Phaeton
Space Platform Skygeirr Lab
Space Platform Skygeirr Platform
Installation Umoja
Jungle Zerus

Legacy of the VoidEdit

These titles are currently based on conjecture as per pre-release information.[7]

Tileset Examples Related Critters
Moebius Lab Skygeirr Platform
Xel Naga Cavern Aiur
Aiur City Aiur
Aiur City Night Aiur
Aiur Temple Aiur
Aiur Temple Jungle Aiur
Aiur04 City Aiur
Aiur04 Temple Aiur
Castanar Castanar installation
Cybros (Purifier) Cybros
Endion Endion
Endion Aiur Protoss Endion
Generic (Moon) Sigma Centari
Korhal City Augustgrad
Korhal Platorm Sky Shield
Protoss Base Glacius
Purifier Jungle Endion
Shadow Corps Platform Revanscar
Shakuras City Talematros
Shakuras Temple Shakuras
Slayn Slayn
Slayn Grass Slayn
Slayn Temple Slayn
Spear of Adun Spear of Adun
Ulnar Inner Ulnar
Ulnar Outer Ulnar
Ulnar Portal Ulnar


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