"To understand time you must first conceive it. Think of a flat circle. Now, imagine twenty five million circles intersecting that circle at different points from the center."

- An arbiter pilot(src)

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Time is one of the fundamental units of physics, defining quantities such as velocities. Numerous races have engaged in the study of space and time, though after thousands of years of study, it is the protoss that possess the greatest understanding[1] and even then, full understanding is limited to the preservers.[2]


Time is not linear. It wraps in on itself, congregating around feelings, moments of history and memories. It then scatters carrying the imprint of these things with it. They attempt to merge, succeed, then scatter again, the process repeating itself into infinity.[2] While the nature of time is constantly shifting and changing, certain patterns emerge in it.[2] One such pattern is the xel'naga's cycle of reproduction which has shaped the history of the universe.[3]

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Space-time anomalies can emerge large enough to affect entire moons. Kaldir experienced one such anomaly during the End War.[4]

Time ManipulationEdit

If the X-factor is any indication, the flow of time can be influenced through psionic means.[5] The temporal sight ability possessed by oracle pilots is a confirmed method of time manipulation.[6] The Nerazim are masters of time manipulation, much to the envy of the Tal'darim.[7] The Khalai have various technological means of manipulating time, such as the arbiter,[8] mothership,[9] and arkship.[10]

The xel'naga could twist time and space using rip fields.[11] A chrono-rift device may also provide a means of manipulating time.[12]


The Terran Confederacy and Terran Dominion had/have a standardized form of timekeeping, using "SCT"[13] and "Dominion Standard Time" respectively.[14] The Dominion keeps track of hours with a 27-hour (or longer) system.[15] The Umojan Protectorate also appears to use traditional hours in its timekeeping.[16]

Terrans sometimes used different terms for time units, especially in the military:

In deep space, keeping track of days and months was close to impossible in isolation, as such it was necessary to track relative time compared to the rotation of major worlds such as Tarsonis and Umoja.[19] However, the days of the week and names of months remained the same from the Earth calendar.[20]


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