Mr. Toom was a vice president at the Kal-Bryant Mining Conglomerate at Pridewater.[1]


Early ParentingEdit

Toom often conversed with the board of the Conglomerate. He disliked the politics of the business however. Still, that didn't stop him from having an affair with his secretary, one that was physical. Nor did his daughter Kath's knowledge of this disuage him. Toom knew that something wasn't right and told Kath that she would have to see a doctor. In reality however, Kath was psionic. Before long, she was recruited into the Ghost Program by a wrangler, prompting Toom to begin efforts to get her out of the program. Kath was kept in the dark about these efforts.[2]

Sector 9Edit

Kath ended up attending the Terran Dominion Ghost Academy, and they regularly contacted each other there. Kath met a new student there, Aal Cistler, son of the Terran Dominion Treasury Ministry head Aldeo. They didn't get along, and Aal Cistler plotted revenge.

Cistler befriended Lio Travski, a teammate suffering withdrawal symptoms from his hab addiction. Travski's uncle, Desi, worked at the same Conglomerate as Mr. Toom as a computer tech. In exchange for drugs, Travski would get Desi to sabotage the Conglomerate's computer system.

Mr. Toom contacted his daughter, telling her that a "glitch" in "Sector 9" had exposed accounting irregularities, even though sector 9 had nothing to do with accounting. Not long afterward, Aal Cistler washed out of the Academy, but due to his father's political status, he wasn't punished.

Mr. Toom came under investigation by the Treasury Ministry, and wasn't allowed to communicate with his daughter. Instead, Cistler contacted her and taunted her about Sector 9.[1] In truth, Aldeo Cistler was selling Dominion secrets to the Umojan Protectorate, and Toom was set up to take the fall. The Dominion forced him to commit suicide by jumping into a starship engine, but he was able to leave a holographic message for his daughter beforehand explaining himself.[2]


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