Torment constructs are NPC structures in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.


When the Terran Dominion, Daelaam, and Zerg Swarm took up assault positions around Amon within the void, he deployed numerous constructs of void energy to combat them. The torment constructs were one such construct.[1]

Game UnitEdit

Torment constructs spawn around the map, usually when the player is attacking a void chasm or void crystal. They attack by firing a continuous beam of energy towards a single target, dealing high damage. Due to the construct's low attack cooldown, it can quickly kill any units the player attacks it with. It does, however, take two seconds to switch targets.

An economical way to deal with them is to use zerglings; while the zerglings will quickly die, they are cheap and easily replaced, especially since the mission forces the player to use the swarmling strain, which allows the player to quickly reinforce their zerglings and in large numbers. The zerglings will also draw fire from Kerrigan and other, more valuable units. Brood lords can also be very effective, as their broodlings provide an endless number of distractions and do damage upon impact.


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