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Trade Masters is a Blizzard Entertainment Map of the Month, a series of free maps released by Blizzard for StarCraft.


Years ago, Transmatter Inc. created the Gluon-B21 Teleportation System, which was heralded by military commanders of the time as a breakthrough that would allow them to reinforce distant armies across space. However, field tests using members of the 33rd Battalion revealed that troops that used the system spontaneously combusted soon afterward. The project was shelved, and four years later the improved Muon-B22 Teleportation System was debuted. The system was given a field trial, but the troops that used it now "faded from existence" and the project was again halted the day after the trials.


The map is designed for two teams of three players. The red, blue, and teal teams start at the north, while the orange, purple, and green teams start in the south. Each player receives the standard melee opening units; a town hall, four worker units, and 50 minerals. The objective is to destroy all enemy buildings.

The unique gameplay of the mission comes from each player having beacons they can use to give units to allies. Upon a player moving a unit to a beacon of an active ally, that unit switches to that ally's control and is teleported to the vicinity of their starting base.


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